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Tribal Life LED Rechargeable Lantern


About Tribal LIFE

Tribal Life is India’s first smart LED based rechargeable Portable Lantern which incorporates unique Black eye technology and delivers a 360o snipe LED lighting.  Tribal Life rechargeable lantern is powered by Amaron, incorporating a world renowned and revolutionary Quanta, Sealed Maintenance Free battery which provides longest back-up of upto 20hrs.  The unique design of Tribal Life has evolved from the age old most popular wick type lantern.  Keeping the Indian consumer in mind the product is designed & developed to deliver a host of benefits. 

Tribal rechargeable lantern is packaged in an attractive bio-degradable box which can also be used as a storage container.  Hence it is environmental friendly and thereby shows our collective concern for the environment we live in.

The emergency lantern comes with the option of 4 settings to suit various needs. They are:

  1. Automatic Emergency Standby Lighting through Black eye technology

  2. Basic Emergency Lantern at times of power failure with option of manual switching ON/OFF

  3. Dusk Lamp (A normal lamp for continuous source of light)

  4. Mood lighting for your varied needs. Eg. Night Lamp

Available Colours:

 Tribal Life comes with a 12 month warranty. 

Choose color



Black eye technology:

Use selector switch to select ‘normal’ or ‘auto’ mode.  Normal mode enables manual switching of lantern.  In auto mode, the lantern switches ‘ON’ automatically and smart light sensors check ambient light enabling ON/OFF of LED’s as per light levels.


Portable 360o Snipe LED lighting:

LEDs are arranged in a manner to provide a 360o constant shine which we call Snipe LED lighting.  This enables sharing of light among occupants in the same room and constant shine.


Flushed cable wrap-facility:

Unique design enables flushed cable-wrap facility in bottom.  So no protruding/entangled wires which enhances ease of use.


Powered by Amaron:

Quanta sealed maintenance free batteries from Amaron provide longest back-up (20hrs back-up in ‘Min’ & 8hrs back-up in ‘Max’ modes).  Quanta is world leader in SMF batteries.


Light intensity control:

Smooth light intensity control enables adjustment of brightness to required levels. 





 Line diagram of Tribal Life LED Rechargeable Lantern.


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